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I went to report at ICE office and the officer told me my case was closed.

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The ICE even returned my documents they took from me when they arrested me but my lawyer has not contacted me regarding this matter.Also my lawyer had filed for an appeal with BIA after the court denied me motion to reopen my case so my question is can ICE close a case when an appeal is still pending ?or can BIA close someone case without notifying the lawyer? I do not believe my lawyer is really paying any attention regarding my case he does not communicate with me at all.Is it also a suitable idea to contact BIA myself and acquire information about my appeal even though I have a lawyer?.I'm very confused for the fact that ICE informed me my case is closed and told me not to report to them anymore and returned my passport to me.Please advise me on what to do next.

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    Keep demanding answers from your lawyer. He/she was paid for your case, correct? Alternatively, seek different counsel.

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  2. You can call 800-898-7180 , put in your A #, and see if a decision has been made on your case by the BIA. You can also call the BIA by calling 703-605-1007. You should also consider hiring a different lawyer.

  3. You should begin by looking for and hopefully hiring a different immigration lawyer.

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  4. You need to reach out for your lawyer. It might be that the BIA reopened your case.

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  5. If you are asking a blog then I agree your attorney is not doing his/her job.

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