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I went to hospital for back pain. I was X-rayed and sent home. I returned later with a more severe problem. Can I be reimbursed?

Asheboro, NC |
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I had back pain . I went to the emergency room because I didn't know where else to go . I received an X - ray and then was advised it was a muscle spasm , take an ibuprofen , and go home . A week later , I couldn't walk . I returned to the emergency room . A different doctor examined me and gave me a prescription and advised me to see a neurologist . After further investigation , it was discovered I had 2 bulging disks and one ruptured disk which caused sciatica . I had to take time off of work , it affected my performance , I had to pay 2 emergency room visits , etc . etc . It was about eight years ago and my back still isn't right and still affects me every day .

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If the failure to properly diagnose occurred 8 years ago, I believe you are likely barred by the statute of limitations.

T. Shawn Howard

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You waited much too long, unfortunately.

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I believe the statute of limitations has passed. Sorry.

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Unless you were a minor, it looks like you may have waited too long.

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