I went to court to convert chapter 13 to 7 and was granted a discharge for 5-26-09now the trustee is trying to dismiss my case

why would a trustee have a paper served saying he was trying to have the judge dismiss this. I thought it was over once I went to court should I do anything or just pray that the judge rules in my favor the attorney wants more money to fight it and then says she may not win she suggested I convert back to 13 and refile and pay lots of money all over again which I do not have what are my options money is tight and i am really scared and do not know what to do any advice would help My attorney is very evasive and does not answer all my questions when I email her

Covington, LA -

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Jared B Gaynor

Jared B Gaynor

Bankruptcy Attorney - Sacramento, CA

Is the trustee trying to dismiss the case, or trying to revoke your discharge? You would not have a dismissal AFTER a discharge had been entered, so I think you're confusing some issues.

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