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I went to a nearby store to purchase a food product and the manufacturing date of the food was 10 year ago in 2003.

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The big grocery stores in canada in my area are openly selling Rotten Fungal infected fruits and one of them sold me last week Ready to eat packed sealed snack packets which are expired 10 years back. The date is very clearly printed as packed on mar 2003 and good before may 2004. They still have huge stock piled in the aisle and openly selling to customers at little less price.I ate one packet and did not like the taste and later notice the expiry. I still have 2 packets and the purchase receipt and have eaten the product unknowingl. Please suggest what action can be taken against this big Canadian chain store and how should I proceed. I want them to stop this type of unethical buisness,the consequences of which could be serious one day. Please advise my legal recourses and options. Thank

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Return unopened packages for refund and do not buy more. Anything else would involve locating regulatory resources in Canada.

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Get a full refund, and perhaps some free coupons.


Not much recourse as indicated in the other responses. Lawsuits are creatures of damages; here are none but not particularly valuable (in terms of legal action) damages described. On the other hand the retailer can be reprimanded, without much gain to you for initiating the course, but reprimanded and perhaps even fined just the same. Contact Department of Health. Their web address is "" On this web page you will find consumer protection information as provided by the national government as well as reference to provincial authorities. Carefully document all that has occurred photographically, including the current and ongoing display of the long expired products. Provide this information to the authorities and some action will be taken not to the liking of the store. A local newspaper or television news station might also be interested for a consumer protection segment.


Don't shop there anymore and tell your friends and neighbors about your experience.

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