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I went to a chiropractic and I noticed that night but the next day that I was having numbness and tingling feeling in my hands.

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I spoke to my regular doctor about it because I thought I was experiencing a heart attack. My primary doctor stated that I was having a muscle spasms in my left shoulder, so she ordered muscle relaxer. I went back to the chiropractic on the 3/13th and they clearly see the tension in my neck to my shoulder muscle & they worked on it but stated I will need a few more times coming in to see them to get this muscle relaxed. I'm still having problems with tingling numbness feeling & its becoming bothersome. I feel that I need a EMG to see if whatever was done on 3/6 is causing me to have nerve damage. My services on the 3/6 was a massage on lower back & neck areas and then they crack my neck plus lower back. This was the first time I had my neck cracked & for someone to work on my shoulders.

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If your question is do you have a claim against the chiropractor, you will know more after you have the testing done. At that time you can consult with an experienced TN medical malpractice attorney.

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These symptoms are typically caused by impingement on the nerves in the cervical spine. It's uncertain whether this is something caused by muscle tension or an injury to the spine. I would suggest you go back to medical doctor if it continues. Why were you seeking chiropractic treatment

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I was seeking chiropractic treatment for my back when I had a car accident back in April. That case has seen settled but the tightness came back and I need to see them again and while I was getting services on my back I asked could he message my neck area and he did and just after this message I noticed the tingling in my hands and it wont go away. It keeps me from sleeping and now I am thinking he might have punctured a nerve. When he pressed on my neck I feel pain going down my neck to my shoulders to my elbow with a heavy tingling and numbness. I don't feel like I should pay for services that it was caused by message or cracking my neck.


I would suggest that you give it some time to see if it resolves.

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Duplicate post. Answers remain the same.

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