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I went to a bar, had some drinks, which resulted in me getting very sick and leaving In an ambulance, can the bar be responsible

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I had some drinks, got sick, to the point my friends thought they should call me an ambulance, I woke up in the hospital. I went back to the bar months later and they're now telling me I cannot ever drink there again, in front of my friends , and embarrassed me. Also told me they could have gotten into trouble which I did not know. What can I or should I do?

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  1. Perhaps accept your responsibility, be thankful and learn from the event. Good luck.

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  2. Any business, bar or otherwise, can impose restrictions about who will and won't be served.

  3. So, you went to a bar, drank so much that you had to be hospitalized and now you want to hold the bar responsible? It seems your own conduct was the cause, not the bars. From the facts you've posted, while I can understand your embarrassment, you yourself caused it and you should be embarrassed. I don't see any basis for the bar being responsible. As to what you can or should do, take responsibility for your own conduct....

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  4. You might start by drinking less. You have no legal recourse for getting yourself over served or for the resulting embarrassment.

  5. No, best bet is to cut down on the sauce.

  6. The bar didn't do anything wrong. Take responsibility for your own actions

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  7. Look for an AA group near you.

  8. I want to answer your question from the standpoint of whether the restaurant is legally liable (responsible) for your getting sick and whether it has the right to ban you from going there.
    First, in order to hold a business liable, you must show that it CAUSED your damages - vomiting and needing an ambulance. To do that, you will need to show that it gave you tainted food or something to drink that was adulterated (poison or defective somehow). Since you were drinking alcoholic beverages, and it sounds like your friends thought that caused your sickness, rather than food - it is likely that you can NOT hold the restaurant responsible.
    Regarding the embarrassment caused by the restaurant, I doubt that you can recover damages, since it is likely that a jury would believe that your sickness was caused by over-drinking alcohol. You would likely also have to show that the restaurant staff was outrageous and acted in a way to shock the conscience - which it does not sound like happened. Good lick and take care.

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