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I went awol from Korea, and voluntarily returned to pcf in Ft.Knox. I went awol again from Ft. Knox.

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When I arrived at Ft. Knox they said that they did not have my packet and could not hold me. They tried to send me back to my old unit in Korea by me paying for my own plane ticket. I talked to JAG and they told me not to pay for that ticket and how it was against my rights because I was not legally listed as Awol.

At that time PCF has already charged and got my plane ticket, So the next morning at 0300 they woke me up and took me to the airport. Once I arrived there I remember what jag has said and I panicked and I went home. Jag also said since PCF cant hold me they can't give me orders to go back (but they did). I wanted to talk to Jag on the day they took me to the airport but I was not allowed to. I am wondering if that will be considered as a second awol. Thanks and I am nervous.

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    Mr. R. is correct that - like it or not - you need to surrender from your (apparently) multiple AWOL and missing movement. It seems you are making matters worse.
    As to not letting you talk to a JAG: that means that nothing you said to them should be used in a prosecution if you can establish you asked for and were denied counsel when being questioned about your AWOL status.
    It is correct that not all AWOL's are discharged at Fort Sill/Knox. There are times when the person is returned to their unit for disciplinary action.

  2. Whether you have one UA or two isn't the issue. The issue is your failure to act responsibily and take responsibility (and control) of your situation. Don't focus on what you think the JAG did or didn't tell you. Report to nearest military authority before you are declared a deserter. The longer you dodge your responsibility, the less control you have. Stop worrying and face the music.

    I am licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia, answering your query and my answer do not create an attorney-client relationship and I am not providing you legal advice. You should speak with an attorney to whom you have provided all the facts, before you take steps that may impact your legal rights--or rights to recovery of damages. I wish you the best of luck with your situation.

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