I was wrongfully terminated and my boss shared the details before he terimated me and after he terminated me, is this legal?

Asked over 1 year ago - Bowie, MD

I was wrongfully terminated because there was no papertrail on his part as a result even his boss did not know that I was being terminated. i have not recieved and type of doumentation. He discussed the deatils with other employees the day before, when i was not at work, and after he terminated me.

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  1. Darrel S Jackson


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    Answered . Employment in Maryland is "at will," which means that, in the absence of an express contract, agreement or policy to the contrary, an employee may be fired for almost any reason -- whether fair or not -- or for no reason at all. Your employer is not required to have a "paper trail" to support its decision. There are certain exceptions to this general rule, which provide some protection to employees from illegal discrimination based on such categories as race, color, gender, national origin, religion, age, disability or marital status. Examples of other employment at-will exceptions include laws which protect employees from termination or retaliation for filing workers' compensation claims, for attempting to enforce rights to receive overtime or the minimum wage, for asserting rights to work in a safe and healthy workplace, for refusing to commit criminal acts, for reporting for jury duty or military service, or for being subject to a wage attachment for any one indebtedness. Terminating an employee for any of these specific reasons may constitute a violation under the applicable State or federal law. Although it may be unwise or disrespectful, it would not be illegal for your boss to discuss your termination with coworkers.

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