I was wondering what I should do about my speeding ticket?

I was making the 4-6 minute drive to college. I made a left turn and started going down hill for about 30 seconds. I then was looking at my surroundings for about ten seconds and realized I was gaining on the car in front of me so I immediatly slowed down and set my cruise control for 30. The cop at the bottom of the hill gave me a ticket for going 10 over. Is my case good enough to contest on the ground of reaction time and that I was being a safe driver watching my surroundings? Even though I was guilty of speeding, can I plea not guilty for circumstances?

Spokane, WA -

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Okorie Okorocha

Okorie Okorocha

Employment / Labor Attorney - Studio City, CA

I would talk to a traffic ticket attorney, it is a different world and they pull it off a lot.

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