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I was wondering if i was to file for divorse and my spouse was to move and not sign and i had proof of him cheating

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and he was not there to defend himself will the court grant me my divorse and make it a simple process or will i have to go through alot to be divorsed? we have no children or im not claiming anything. i just want my simple divorse but i dont want to waste so much money.

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If you file for divorce you must have your husband properly served. Then if he fails to appear the divorce can be granted on a motion for a default. You may wish to have an attorney assist you with this.

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No matter what your husband has to be served with at least the summons. If he defaults by not appearing, you can submit the necessary papers to the court for the divorce (he does not have to sign anything). See a divorce attorney to help you with the process.

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Mr. Weinreich is absolutely correct in his response. You should consult with a locally experienced family law attorney to represent you and assist you in developing a legal strategy. Trying to go through the divorce without legal assistance is only asking for trouble. I hope this helps and have a nice weekend.


You do not necessarily need him to sign off on anything, but if he doesn't, then you do need to personally serve him. One caveat - "proof" of adulerty must be non-hearsay proof of the actual sexual act, not merely a romantic relationship with another person outside the marriage. Since that is often a difficult thing to prove, and if you're looking at a "simple" process, you are probably better off filing it as a no-fault divorce. In any event, if you wish additional information, my suggestion would be to contact a White Plains Family Law attorney for a consultation.


Hi there, if you file and serve your spouse with the divorce summons, and he does not file an appearance to contest the divorce within a certain period, you are able to move forward to obtain a Judgment of Divorce by default (without his signature). As you are not seeking any financial claims against your spouse, your case is straightforward and can be completed as an uncontested divorce.

The right attorney can help you complete the uncontested divorce process relatively quickly and inexpensively.

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