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I was wondering I have a landlord whose accusing my family of destroying her bathroom and shower within one month of us living i

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I was wondering I have a landlord whose accusing my family of destroying her bathroom and shower within one month of us living, the landlord says that we destroyed her shower because one of my family members stayed in the shower a little bit over 22 minutes at least 5 or6 times times in one month, and other times its been less than 15 minutes. Also she is saying that we destroyed here basement because water from the shower goes in to her basement, she never told us this until two and half weeks in to the place. Also one day the toilet over flooded for 2 minutes, my relative tried to pick up the water really quick, but probably didn't get every-drop. The fact is her place was said to be built in 1970's. The fact is I feel she is trying to swindle us.

The fact is she never gave us a lease until two weeks within moving here, but she gave us a paper with details about the place with words, . We checked the toilet and it was nothing in their except for poop She told us to flush the toilet once and wait to see if it needs to be flushed one more time, which we did, but accuse of us of flushing it more than twice back to back. she told us that using the water for excessive use messed up her shower, three people that are using the shower, but she wants to pinpoint my relative of using a little excessive, my relative only takes one shower per day, once a week takes two baths.. she does not put the heat in our rooms, we are freezing. hall ways are cold, if my relative needs a heater, s cold outside. Sshe gave parent heater, didn't give me and relative heater, freezing everyday. harrassess us coming upstairs complaining in a loud voice in another room, we been here for 26 days. scam and swindler, place was not ready for renting before we got here.

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Sure it's a swindle. Perhaps the owner wants to build a case for keeping the security deposit later. Maybe it's a ploy to build an eviction case. Americans have gotten smarter in building cases by manufacturing a ruse.



The fact is she is trying to sue us for plumming and over $5,000 dollars she wants mention because the toilet overflooded one night, but it seems her toilet was already messed up, because she kept saying to flush it once, and got really upset if we flushed it twice. If we flushed it twice we waited a long time before ever flushing it again. But we only flushed it twince probably 3 to 4 times since being here within this month of March. She says when the toilet overflooded it damaged her basement, but the thing is she never let us see her basement when I asked to see it, and she only wants a plummer to see her basement. She is also a Reverand, but the fact is if you were to read her text she has been sometimes a little mean in her statements. I took pictures of the place, the shower, the bathroom, the rooms we rented. It appears nothing is wrong with her basement when I can see a little bit of her walls. She also went to court before for sending her tenants before to court, and she complains about us coming in at night, and says that she feels that she may need a weapon because she feels that us coming in at night is dangerous for her. She also puts plastic on her windows, but I asked her about, and she says she does it because it keeps air out, and the fact it does not keep air out, and it feels like 30's degrees and below at night. I feel so cold that its hard to get up in the morning.



Also she plans on moving people in here within next month because people came over to see the place, I was thinking those people can be our witess, we can possibly ask them if she warned them about the effects of the basement before telling them to come over to see the place, and will they being a witness be evidence to say that she did not try to warn us before moving us here.



I also wanted to mention that at the time she was gong to move us in here, she said three other people were to come in here with us, the thing is that their is three rooms on our level, if 5 people would of had all rooms it seems to me that she knew that it would of been excessive in using the water. She also says that she didn't take one guy because he did not make enough, and sought of accused the other two women that were going to be in the next room as having different alternative lifestyles, and seems to be saying that they were you know with each other.


You should file a complaint about the conditions in your apartment with the Mount Vernon Department of Buildings:

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