I was wondering I had a co-defendant and she ran they got her 2 weeks ago. so I assume that I 'm not a codefendant any more. r

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I guess I'm on my own now I was in the store with her and the clerk said here's some empty hangers I'm calling the police. i said excuse me, I don't have anything and she said so I'm going to report it, Then i said you can c heck me, she just walked off so we left the store 8 months later I get a call from the DA saying that she wanted ti know what happened. I replied what I told you. so they filed and now I losing my mind . It was a violation also i have 3 petty thefts already they offered me a year but I didn't take anything. Is there any lower offer that I could get.

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    Answered . Who is representing you? That's the person you should be asking.

    The response above is not intended as legal advice since it’s impracticable to provide thorough, accurate advice... more
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    Answered . A fourth petty theft could have been charged as a misdemeanor. You need to speak with an attorney and understand the theory of prosecution called aiding and abetting especially with the facts you do provide. Good luck.


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    Answered . There is insufficient information to provide an answer. It appears you already have an attorney. Rely on his/her advice or consult a local criminal attorney.

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