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I was victim of sexual harass. by the car dealer who financed car I bought. Who can I report this to and how?

Panama City, FL |

Son said if I slept with his father once or twice a wk, I wouldn't have to make a car payment. Another time I was looking to trade my car and the son told me I had something on the back of my dress and he undid my bra. when my friend and I brought the car in for repair, the owner's son told us we should go and clean his home in slutty maid costumes with thongs and we would be perfect for it.

Attorney Answers 1

  1. Very difficult to answer. Did you engage in any of these requests? Sounds like you did not. And it does not sound like you are employed by this car dealer. I do not believe a crime has occurred (although today it would not surprise me). It sounds like bad business. You can report this dealership to the BBB and CoC. And you can punish his behavior by finding another dealer or mechanic to do business with.