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I was turned away from a hair app. because I had my 3 mon. old infant w/me. Can I be reimbursed for my time & parking expense?

Portland, OR |

I did not receive any confirmation or sign anything prior to the appointment and was completely unaware of the policy of having to have a second adult to watch the child, and I when I showed up with my sleeping baby in her car seat I was denied my appointment and nearly missed my business meeting. I was very emotionally distraught as I was counting on this hair appointment to look presentable for my business meeting. I would like to be compensated for my time and parking expense and emotional distress. What rights do I have and how can I pursue compensation?

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  1. The cost of pursuing any legal recompense for this would be several hundred times the highest possible amount you could expect to recover. Move on.

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  2. Many businesses do not allow children without supervision. There are also potential safety issues that might make a business have a policy like that.

    While it is unfortunate, the damages you suffered (like the other answer) is likely far less than the cost of hiring a lawyer, or possibly even a consultation.

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  3. In addition, there are MANY state & federal rules that must be followed by various businesses if they don't want to be fined and/or lose their license. There is danger to your baby by laying her, in her car seat, next to you, while the hairdresser does your hair. Leaving you baby in the waiting area invites bad guys to take her. A little common sense is needed here.

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