I was told by some reletives that i may apply for the dream act i want to know if its true?

Basically i lived inside the US since i was 6 and assisted school there up in till the year 2008, I was then sent to live in mexico and have been since, i haven't been able to reenter the united states since and wonder if there is a possible way in which i could do this legally through the dream act?

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Alexander Joseph Segal

Alexander Joseph Segal

Immigration Attorney - New York, NY

Not in the UNited States. If your relatives talked about some other country, maybe. Here, we do nto have a DREAM ACT. We simply do not. We have DACA which is a regulatory program that gives some qualifying youth some benefits. Follow the link to see if you are qualified.

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Giacomo Jacques Behar

Giacomo Jacques Behar

Immigration Attorney - San Diego, CA

First of all, there is no such law as the "DREAM Act". It never passed. What you are referring to is DACA. Based on your facts you definitely would have qualified for it, had you never left the US and been here now.

However, with you having left the US in 2008 and having remained in Mex ever since you do NOT qualify for DACA, as that "deferred action" relief is for individuals present (and residing) in the US, not for those who have left almost 5 years ago. Sorry.

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Lynne Rogers Feldman

Lynne Rogers Feldman

Immigration Attorney - San Diego, CA

no. You would need to be residing here to to be eligible and show continuous residence from June 2007 through June 2012 (a brief absence could be excused but 5 years is not brief and you are not here so it doesn't matter.

You may have other options to return if you have a petitioning relative or employer so I suggest you consult with an immigration lawyer who can analyze the facts of yor situation. How old were you when you left the U.S. for example?

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