I was supposed to be transferred from my job in Portland ,Or to Mesa , AZ but they didn't do it ,can I apply for benefits ?

Asked over 1 year ago - Apache Junction, AZ

I told my employers that I was thinking about moving to Arizona in the next couple of months. I was asked by management if I was going to stay with the company when I moved because I was told I was a great asset to the company. I told them that I would like to but I understand that if there was no jobs open I understood. They came back to me and said when I was ready to leave they would help me transfer over. So a month went by and I told them I was looking into leaving and they said they would get my paperwork going and that there was a job for me in Mesa AZ waiting for me. I moved myself and son believing I had a job waiting for me. I got here and was told they haven't heard anything and that there was a hiring freeze going on. I left in April 2011 and they "released"me in June .

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  1. William Fulton Broemer

    Contributor Level 14

    Answered . For what kind of benefits are you hoping to apply? If you're talking about unemployment benefits, it sounds like you've been "released" and you should be eligible. If you're talking about health/welfare benefits from the employer, you have to establish eligibility before you can apply for coverage. The situation you describe sounds like you're not employed, and therefore not eligible. It might be best to start by contacting a local employment lawyer and determine if you have any sort of equitable claim based on the employer's representations that there was a job waiting for you in Arizona.

    Good luck.

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  2. Meghan Hayes Slack

    Contributor Level 16

    Answered . If you asked I April 2011, I would have said that you had a decent chance of receiving unemployment benefits. It may depend on whether or not you would have moved if they had said they did not have a position available for you in Arizona. However, you have waited too long to apply. Contact the Oregon unemployment office about filing a claim and see if you have any more weeks of potential eligibility left.

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