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I was sub contracted and fired can they keep my last 2 checks for so called damages

Orlando, FL |

The contractor fired me and is now saying I owe them for the work that wasnt done but it was done keeping over a 1000 dollars of my money I believe they breeched the contract they have with GC and with me also numerous other subcontractor out of money over the past six years they have refused since I was hired to give me a copy of the contract I know I am to be charged four times the amount of money I would have been paid for the day I missed which is the reason I was let go cause I called out I kinda feel more like an employee than subcontractor my postion was delivery driver for the newspaper getting paid less than .25 a paper now they are saying they went back 4 weeks charging me 10.00 per complaint am I able to do a lien for payment on the GC and contractor or class action

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  1. Your facts are a little hard to follow. If you delivered papers you might be an independent contractor or an employee, depending on the contract. But, there is no lien to file either way. You might have a small claims case. If you were an employee, your attorney's fees might be payable by your employer if you win the case.

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  2. I agree with my colleague, your facts are not clear. Was this construction work as you post or was this in the course of delivering newspapers? I cannot answer your question as posed. Clear up the exact issue and what did you do to earn the money that they are holding back.

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