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I was sold a stolen car, what are my rights?

Chicago, IL |

I am an IL resident. I purchased a SUV in Nov 2009. I recevied a call from the dealership that sold me the car stating that I had to bring the car back. When I asked why I was told that I had to and that the state was involved. I pushed for more information and was then called by a police officer who told me the car was a stolen vehicle and I had to return it. The officer told me that the dealership would "make it right". I have put about $3500.00 of upgrades into the car as well that I will lose out on. What are my rights? What does the dealer have to do to "make it right"

I put a quite a bit of money down on the car as well as a trade in. Can I recoup the tax credit I received on the car as that is now gone as well? How much can I realistically expect to get back for this car? I would hope that we could recover the money we paid into the car, upgrades, downpayment, trade in, loan, tax credit, etc???

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