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I was sitting in my back yard with 3 of my friends.i was passed a marijuana blunt ,5 cops came into yard i was arrested,

Norristown, PA |

i'm 18 yrs.old .home schooled by the lakeside mainstay program . also a bong was on the ground i was charged with that.,all my friends were searched nothing was found, charges are use/poss of drug paraph int. poss contrl subst by per not reg this happened back in the beginning of oct.2012 just recieved papers now for court. my plans r to go to job core in aug 2013 released of probation in june

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  1. As best I can tell, there is no question set forth here. What are you looking to us for advice about? You should be represented by a qualified criminal defense attorney in the matter that is coming up sometime in the future. You are always best served when you face criminal charges having a good attorney at your side.

  2. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you. The attorney will explore all options including a first time offenders program known as ARD. Make sure you address this case immediately . Good luck

  3. Mr. Keller is right. Have a qualified criminal-defense lawyer like one of us explore the possibilities of your case, like ARD, an get on it as soon as possible. Waiting to address your case could hurt you.

    Brad V. Shuttleworth

    This commentary does not constitute, and should not be construed to constitute, legal advice. In addition, this commentary is not subject to laws of attorney-client confidentiality and/or attorney-client privilege. You should consult with an attorney in private to obtain legal advice and enjoy confidentiality and privilege.

  4. I agree with my colleagues, here. My office is in Norristown. I would be happy to speak with you for no charge, if you would like.

    I will serve as someone's attorney only after a written agreement has been reviewed and signed. Please feel free to contact me at (610) 393-3868 if you would like more information or to inquire about my services.

  5. I would agree with the others. You have alot of issues here. The new arrest could violate your probation (If you're still on it. It's not clear when you're off). If it's a juvenile probation they may just pass you on to adult court and you may qualify for a section 17 in adult court which would result in your arrest being expunged. If you're already on adult probation, then you might end up going to jail for violating your probation. And still to be addressed are drivers license suspension ramifications. Call a lawyer and get a free consultation.

  6. You MAY have a defense as to an illegal search or under the tricky laws of what constitutes possession. Don't mess around with this. Get a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

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