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I was sideswiped on the driver's side causing me to swerve to the right into a barrier totaling my car and causing severe injury

Tiverton, RI |

I received a citation in the mail. The other driver did not stop; it was a hit and run.

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  1. Did you report it to the police and/or your insurance company? Retain a local criminal defense/traffic attorney to represent you on the citation and maybe he/she can find out why they are charging you and what happened to the other vehicle.

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  2. I'm not sure yet what's your question is but if you can prove were sideswiped you should be able to avoid the citation, and be able to pursue a claim for damages against your own uninsured motorist coverage.

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  3. You may very well need to retain a criminal defense attorney to defend the citation. Retain a personal injury attorney to ensure that your UM policy pays fairly for your injuries. Best of luck

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  4. I'm not certain why you would have received a ticket based upon what you described, but you will definitely need to fight the ticket at the RI Traffic Tribunal. As for your injuries, in RI physical contact is not required in a hit and run accident to prove that you were essentially run off the road. That determination will be based upon your credibility. That said, any physical damage to the driver's side of your vehicle would certainly help prove you got hit and run into the barrier. You need an attorney for traffic court as well as an experienced personal injury attorney to help you explore all potential coverages that may be available to you to compensate you for your injuries and damages. We are not allowed to actively solicit on AVVO, so you should feel free to do some more research on this site, or feel free to click on the link for more info. I wish you the best of luck and a speedy recovery.

  5. You need to appeal the citation and fight it in traffic court. If you are injured then contact a local personal injury lawyer. The fact that the other driver left the scene makes this a Uninsured Motorist claim you can file with your own auto insurance carrier.

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