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I was sexually molested when I was a child and living in Ghana -Africa.

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This is about 10year when I was 12 and my abuser was in his twenties. I am now living in the USA and have been living here for four years.
Can I sue my abuser when he comes to the US this summer?
Do i have a chance of winning If i could get others who were molested by him to testify?
I am a male and my abuser was a male who had touched me indecently and caused me to masturbate. This occurred several times for about 5 years. I enjoyed it but i now know it was manipulation from my offender. please let me know if i can sue him the US

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Yours is a fairly complex international law question. I will change the practice area and tags so that attorneys with the detailed understanding of it can answer.

Even if this were a strictly US law and jurisdiction question, the fact that you waited 4 years after you turned 18 to file suit might be a problem under the relevant statute of limitations. You state that you now know it was manipulation but do not indicate that you have suffered any damages as a result of his touching. If what he did was not illegal in the jurisdiction where it occurred (e.g., if the age of consent for sexual activity was 12 years old in the time and place when this happened) it wouldn't create a cause of action that you could sue on as an adult.

Turning to the international law issues, I am not sure that child sexual abuse (if that is what Ghanian law would have called what happened to you there 10 years ago) committed overseas is a type of suit that can be brought in US courts against foreign nationals who are visiting here.

Rather than go into more details in a public Internet forum, you might want to speak to an attorney in Long Beach who practices international personal injury law. Many personal injury lawyers offer free initial consultations. You can use the Find a Lawyer button here on to search for a lawyer who is willing to meet with you in private to discuss your case.

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You can sue anyone you want, and lets say you win a verdict for $7 million. It seems to me that collection of your judgement would be near impossible, with all the "defendant's" assets being in another country. However, the FBI may want to keep tabs on this guy when he comes to the U.S., or not let him visit at all. You should sue him there where all of the witnesses, evidence and such are, or call the police back in your home country, where all of this happend and stop it for good. I am sorry to hear of your terrible experience. Good luck!

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Unlikely, but contact an international lawyer in your state to discuss in detail.

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Here is an article that contains helpful information about criminal and civil sexual abuse cases in California. Since the abuse took place in Ghana, and the abuse took place in Ghana, it is possible that the proper forum for any legal proceeding is Ghana. You may find this article helpful.

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