I was served a Subpoena Duces Tecum, for a credit card judgement why do I have to provide my SSN only income is SSI/Child Suppor

Asked almost 2 years ago - Rockwood, TN

Served a Subpoena Duces Tecum wanting all kinds of information.. One in particular was my SSN. Why do I have to give it to them? Only income I have is Exempt (SSI and Child Support) Also can they use my personal information after I provide them with it? I am disabled and do not leave my home and it is hard to get to court- I also found out that they took a lien out on my house

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    Answered . Your instincts are good in trying to preserve the privacy of your social security number. Lawyers will ask for all kinds of stuff as part of lawsuits or collection activity; the burden falls on you to object if an item seems to be irrelevant or overly intrusive. You can answer the demand by providing the last four digits of your SSN; that would enable the other party to prove or disprove your connection with a bank account, for example, without allowing them to go on a fishing expedition. If there is a judgment you don't expect to be able to pay, you may want to talk to a local lawyer about bankruptcy, which may make it possible to remove the lien from your house.

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