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I was served a petition for resolution of marriage can I file response myself and how would I go about it

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no kids, house, cars, one pension hers mind spend by both of us,property in house and garage,has residence of wife ,I left two months ago to give her time to cool off after argument to avoid domestic violence charges ,married 14 years, she says irretrievable broken, Suit money,including attorneys fees she also does not want me to get any of her pension says property's jointly owned and underwater and has negative balance,

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You can, but you shouldn't, especially if she has a lawyer. It is easier without kids, and it sounds like you have more debt than property to split, but the pension issue can be tricky. Also, you have been married a relatively long time so there is a possibility that alimony could be an issue.

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Sure, you can file the response yourself, but it would be prudent to have an attorney advise you as to your options on at least a limited basis. Also, you may just Answer your wife's petition or you may Answer and also counter-sue her for divorce by filing a counter-petition for dissolution of marriage where you would present your own case. Divorces are generally referred to mediation before trial is scheduled. So there is plenty of opportunity to attempt to settle the case. An attorney would be able to work with you to determine which strategy would be best for you.

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Heather Morcroft

Heather Morcroft


I agree.


I agree with both Attorney Morcroft and Attorney Tomshinky's points. Most AVVO attorneys offer a free initial consultation so what have you go to lose. At least go and get some advice. Good luck.

B. Elaine Jones, Esq.

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