I was sent to a private mental health behavior facility i was there for 8 days got a 5150. i would like to get this removed

My mother suggested I go for an assessment test in the mental health hospital. I was on drugs at the time and in an abusive relationship for four years. When I was driven I was threatening to kill myself by an overdose. I never overdosed , I was 5150 and left in the institution for 8 days. The docs put me on a lot of meds I signed a bunch of crap I had know idea what I was doing. This has really effected my direction. I am a pretty and tall female turning 29, i always wanted to join the military. i would like to either get this expunged or sealed or removed or wavered or whatever like study law in order to figure out how this corrupt system works so my life may move on to my dreams. thanks

Albuquerque, NM -

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Stephen D Aarons

Stephen D Aarons

Criminal Defense Attorney - Santa Fe, NM

It sounds like you have little insight into why your family and the medical team thought you were a danger to yourself and others. Section 5150 of the California Code enables institutions in that State to hold you involuntarily. Whether medical records are public (which I doubt) and if so how to expunge them, is a question that should be directed to a mental health lawyer in that State. Your inquiry shows a Farmington NM location.

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