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I was sent a subpoena for a deposition about my girlfriends divorce. How much info really needs to be brought?

Skokie, IL |
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They want emails and texts and any gift receipts or personal greeting cards. Also receipt from going out. This divorce is going on 2 years. And they have not lived together since it started. Plus I don't save my emails and texts.

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  1. emails and texts and any gift receipts or personal greeting cards. Also receipt from going out.

  2. You can't produce things you don't have. So don't.

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  3. You bring everything that you can to comply but you cannot make up things you don't have. You would need to tell them those things gs were deleted as they came in.

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  4. You should have a lawyer even though it is not your divorce. The lawyer should advise you and attend the deposition with you.

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  5. There may be a reason to object to some (But probably not all) of the items requested. But, sadly, that will require you to pay $$$ to retain an attorney to advise you on what to do. And likely you won't get that money back unless something egregious is happening. I'm sorry this is happening, but wish you the best.

  6. Hire a lawyer, and ask him or her to explore the possibility of your taking the 5th Amendment.

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