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I was sent a claim from Sedgwick for 10,000.00 dollars for bodily injury against someone, but with no accompanying bills.

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this claim is concerning a car accident in Orlando Fl. of which i was found negligent. I asked Sedgwick to provide me with bills to support this claim, but i was told it was against some privacy law. Do i have to pay this bill even though it does not have support documentation

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Well, if you refuse to pay without roof, what will they do? sue you? Then they have to provide proof. So if you really think you owe it, let them stew. Get a lawyer to negotiate with them. They will probably settle for less even if you really owe it.

Every situation is different, and good legal advice cannot be given based on a short question without an exploration of all the facts that may bear on your situation. This is not legal advice and no attorney-client relationship has been established.


$10,000 even? So, this is for something other than medical expenses, or the amount would not likely be exactly $10k.

Ask them for a breakdown of the amount. You say your were found negligent. So, what, of anything did the court award the other party?

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If they are asking you to pay bills, privacy
Is waived.


Have a local lawyer negotiate down the bill.


Who found you negligent. If this is only the "position" of the other insurance company and a judge or jury has not made that determination then their opinion is not binding and can certainly be challenged. You need to clarify the facts here to get a more detailed response.


Is Sedgwick your insurance company? If so, it is only notifying yo8u of a claim against your policy and a demand for your policy limits of $10K. The adjuster evaluates the claim, not you, although you should get a copy of the demand and supporting evidence. The insuranace adjuster, though, decides whetehr to settle, not you.

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Christopher Robert Dillingham II

Christopher Robert Dillingham II


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