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I was released on ROR but now I have a gps bracelet on me and I cant leave the county, can I hire an attorney to get this gps?

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i was recently arrested for poss of cannabis and battery on a leo....all did was open the door which hit the officer by accident and he roughed me up....i was released on ror, i have a gps ankle and cannot leave the county, what gives, i need to leave the county to visit family and go to work

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You can have an attorney petition the court to alter the terms of your release to allow you to go to work and or visit family outside of the county. The court can restrict the times of travel as well as put other restrictions in place.


Call a few criminal defense attorney's in the Orlando area and they will be able to tell you what you can reasonably expect a judge or prosecutor to do to someone in your situation.


You will need an attorney to file a motion with the Trial Court judge in order to have your conditions of release (the GPS and County restrictions) modified.

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What gives? Really?

Look, you may be telling the god's honest truth (meaning that you may be the true "victim" in this case) but apparentrly you have an awful lot to learn about both authority and the criminal justice system.

What you "need" to do is to obey the terms and conditions of yourbond - or you will find out what authority and the c/j system are... as your bond will be revoked and you will rot in jail while waiting to sell your version of events to a jury who will likely believe the cop in the pressed uniform with the US Flag stitched on her / his shoulder.

That said, if you wish to make a "request" of the Court - to modify the conditions of your bond or otherwise - then you'd better drop the 'tude, hire an experienced 407 area criminal defense lawyer, let her/him prepare, file, calendar and litigate the matter and learn how to be both humble and respectful to the one person who controls your immediate fate - the Judge.

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You are out "conditionally" you could be taken back in if you violate the conditions of your bond. So don't, until you hire an attorney, and that attorney can make a motion for permission for you to travel. Also, that attorney may also help you get out of the case. Play it low-key, plan a strategy with your attorney and go try to beat your case.

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It's highly unlikely any Orange County judge will agree to let you leave the country. Just asking makes you a flight risk.

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You need to speak with an attorney to modify your terms of release. This includes both traveling and removing the GPS.

This answer is not legal advice nor does it create an attorney-client relationship. Your particular situation should be discussed extensively with an attorney that can provide appropriate legal case evaluation.


The ankle monitor was a condition of your pre-trial release from jail. An attorney can file a motion on your behalf to delete that condition from your release. It usually will take a few days, but they can have it ordered before you leave. Contact an attorney in Orlando and they should be able to help you out with the motion for a reasonable fee. If you hire an attorney for the entire case, they would be able to take care of it as well. Best of luck.

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