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I was recently pulled over for suspected DUI and they did not read me my Miranda rights or observe me for 15 minutes.

Camp Hill, PA |

before the breathalyzer. Is this a reason for dismissal?

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  1. Not for Miranda. Now the observation period can be an issue. You should consult with an experienced DUI attorney in your area for assistance. If you want to find one here on AVVO you can select "Find a Lawyer" at the top of the page. Good luck.

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  2. Miranda no as that only applies to custodial interrogation and roadside DUI questions are exempt from Miranda. The 15 minute period may be grounds for some of the evidence to be suppressed which can potentially lead to the case being dismissed.
    Robert Driessen

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  3. There are defenses available but Miranda warnings most likely is not one of them. Retain a criminal defense attorney with expertise in DUI cases. The attorney will expire all options and protect your interests. Good luck.

  4. With limited exceptions, police are required to advise a person in their custody of their constitutionally protected rights to remain silent and to consult with an attorney prior to responding to police interrogation. The failure to do so may be grounds to suppress the defendant's responses. However, the failure to provide Miranda warnings is generally not grounds for dismissal of the charges. It is important to remember that you may have other defenses available to you. I suggest that you promptly consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney who can review all of the facts in your case and provide a more reasoned opinion of the merits of any defenses available to you. Most here in the mid-state (myself included) will provide a brief initial consultation for no fee. If you cannot afford counsel, you should contact the public defender in the county where you were charged to find out if you qualify for the services of a public defender. Do NOT try to go this alone. Good luck!

  5. You have possible suppression issues, but Miranda is not one of them. My suggestion is that you retain a criminal defense attorney to help resolve your case.

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  6. You have received solid responses from my colleagues. For additional insight on your Miranda Rights, check out the link below.

    You should also consult with a DUI Defense Lawyer in your area.

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  7. No. But if you were interrogated while in custody, you can move to suppress statements.

  8. Miranda is probably not applicable. Retain an experienced private criminal defense attorney.

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