I was recently given a charge of criminal trespassing and misdemeanor theft.

While in custody I never told what i was accused of taking. Although after being there for about an hour they took 1.80 of my change of put it in evidence. So that is what the claim of theft is. Do you think this stand in court. I was walking down the street when I got arrested the charge on there dashcam said "vehicular burglary". Now its changed to these two other charges. I don't even think there is a complaining witness yet. Is someone really going to show up to court for 1.80 in change? I also do not any any criminal background.

Homewood, IL -

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Raymond George Wigell

Raymond George Wigell

Criminal Defense Attorney - Olympia Fields, IL

Your questions are good ones. The answers are not easy. All criminal cases have multiple levels of analysis that require an intake interview, a review of the charges, a knowledge of the procedural culture in the court where the case will be heard, and many other considerations.
This analysis requires an experienced criminal defense lawyer's focus.
Consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will take the time to listen and consider all aspects of your case.

Communicate to NO ONE about the facts of this matter, except your attorney.

All other persons you communicate with become a potential witness against you. This includes posting information about your case on the Internet.

Task forces of police and prosecutors troll the Internet looking for leads to investigate and prosecute people who post their concerns on social media and legal forum sites.
Do not use any social media, chat rooms or legal forums to "research" your situation. Avoid all social media and emails. The Internet is a public forum.

Of course, every answer is based on the question asked and requires a more complete context. This answer should... more
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Daniel G. Galivan

Daniel G. Galivan

Criminal Defense Attorney - Clarendon Hills, IL

It is quite possible that the state's attorney rejected the filing of a burglary to auto charge because the vehicle owner could not be reached or otherwise refused to cooperate. It remains possible that the tresspass and theft charges can be upgraded to burglary as the value of the property taken is irrelevant. Your best bet is to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect you, as a conviction, even for the misdemeanor offenses, will remain on your record permanently. Most of us will provide you a free consultation. www.galivanlaw.net

Melissa I. Smejkal

Melissa I. Smejkal

Criminal Defense Attorney - Chicago, IL

Impossible to say if they will show up but if they do you need an attorney.

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