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I was recently charged with minor in consumption what can I do to not get a criminal record.

Denton, TX |

I was in my car sleeping because I had too much to drink. The police officer approached my friend who told the officer I had too much too drink. The officer then approached me and I admitted I had too much to drink. The officer then took my license and and gave me the ticket with the court date. I am pre med med student and can not have a criminal record.

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  1. I suggest contacting a dui/dwi attorney from NCDD who can help you fight the charges.

  2. Hire a ticket attorney. They don't charge much and will know how to get the case dismissed and expunged completely from your record. Feel free to call my office if you need a referral in the DFw area.

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  3. Give me a call. I work closely with the prosecutor for city of Denton. We can make sure that this is taken care of in a way that allows you to get whats called an Expunction. An expunction will destroy any and all records relating to the arrest, and allow you refrain from disclosing it in the future. Considering your field of study and future career, it is very important that you take this matter seriously, and hire someone who deals with these kinds of situations. Call me and I'll discuss what we can do in a free consultation. Thank you, and good luck.

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  4. You will need an attorney, when you have one, ask that attorney to request deferred prosecution. If the ADA agrees, and the judge allows it, you will be given the opportunity to prove you can make smarter choices (avoid any illegal behavior), and not have a finding of delinquency on your record. Good Luck.

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