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I was rear ended by a car, I have per existence back pain and surgery, now i am having pain on the other side of my back .

Las Vegas, NV |

I was seeing a doctor for the pain in my left leg from my back ,now my right side hurts will i have a difficult time getting a settlement,

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No, liability and damages seem viable with a possible claim for permanancy.

Hire a laywer. With a lawyer the insurer for the at fault driver will treat the matter seriously. Studies show with an attorney such settlement offers go way up, sometimes more than double.


You really need to retain a lawyer who can address all the issues.


Based on the little I have in front of me, you have a case, and probably a good case. The answer to your question is (1) you can still get a settlement and (2) you probably should get an attorney to help you. The question in this case is going to be the size of your settlement and the extent of your injuries. A case gets much more difficult when you have pre-existing injuries. You can be sure that the insurance company will try to play hardball. You need someone to work with your doctors to find out and show which injuries are new to this injury and to what extent pre-existing injuries were aggravated by this injury. You should also get an attorney who is willing to actually litigate the case for you if the insurance company doesn't play fair during the claims process.

The fact that the new back pain is in a different area of your back is good for settlement purposes. But your doctors are the ones who will actually diagnose you.

If you would like to talk about this, please feel free to call me at 702-518-5180. I would be happy answer your questions.


Frequently injuries from a car accident manifest weeks or even months later. You need a good personal injury lawyer to represent you. The secret is retaining a top lawyer with a low contingency fee, less than 30%, so you are left with the lion's share of the settlement, not your lawyer. Good luck.

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Sorry to hear about your collision. Cases are complicated by pre-existing injuries, but not impossible. The fact that you are having pain in a completely different area of your back is beneficial. Please don't take this to mean the the insurance company will simply pay you money. They will try to make every argument they can to attribute the problems you are now experiencing to your othe pre-existing medical issues.

If you would like to discuss your case further, feel free to call me at 702-823-3333.


Your question depends on a few different factors. Generally though, assuming you were not at fault for the accident, and assuming there is sufficient insurance available on your case, you should not have too much trouble. Despite what an insurance company might try and tell you, back pain is not constant. It goes up and down and can affect different areas of the body at different points during the day. I agree that you will want to find an attorney who knows how to maximize your recovery because in Nevada you do not get a second chance to get money for a car accident case. You need to get the most out of your case because that money has to cover any future medical costs and future pain and suffering. Feel free to call me. My office has a 24 hour helpline where you can reach me at your convenience. 702-333-1111.

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