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I was Raped, Do I need a lawyer?

Taylor, MI |

I was raped. I filed a police report with the local police. I still have yet to hear from a detective and I filed this on the 19th. I was wondering do I need to get a lawyer in this case?

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  1. You may need one especially if there may be a civil suit down the road. You may want to seek some counseling first.

  2. It would be helpful to at least speak with an attorney briefly to know what your rights are as a victim and what to expect from court proceedings.

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  3. Do you need a lawyer? No. Could it be helpful for you to talk to one. Almost certainly. You should call a few good criminal defense attorneys in your area and get a recommendation about who to talk to and find out about the investigation process in your area. I've very sorry for your situation and I hope that you can get the help you need.

  4. Here is the Taylor PD Victim Advocate hotline number: 734-374-1415.

    Call them ASAP.


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  5. You don't need a lawyer, but the person who did this to you might. I'm sorry to hear what happened to you. Cases sometimes move slowly for a number of reasons. You can always contact the police department again and ask what the status of your case is. You could also speak to a civil attorney if you think you might want to sue the suspect. However, I can tell you that this might weaken your criminal case and prosecutors hate to hear that the defense is that the motive for reporting a rape is money. You have time to file a civil suit, so you might want to hold off on jumping right to it. Again, call the police department and ask them for a status. Good luck.

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