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I was pulled over in okla for a expired tag that was not expired,then outside of car was searched by dog resulting in my arrest

Newkirk, OK |

after dog search i was arrested for drug poss is this legal

plz see comments and plz reply PLEASE READ COMMENTS I posted in wrong place

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Was there any other traffic infraction? Once you have been pulled over for a legitimate traffic violation, an officer may request dog sniff if he has reason to believe that drugs may be found. The most often used excuse by officers is the "smell of burnt marijuana." If there was not a legitimate traffic violation, you may have a defense to the search.

You need to contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.



No sir there was not, when i showed him my current reg and DL, he ask me to get out of the car and get in his truck, when i got in there was a dog inside, he then called dispatch and ran my DL and tag dispatch said had sent that to him 7mins eariler DL was clean and reg was current,he then wrote me a warning ticket and said i could go. but when i got out a started for my car. he stopped me from getting in and asked if he could rrun his dog around my car, after telling him no he detained me then ran his dog around my car, he said the dog hit,he then handcuffed me and searched the car he said he found meth which he did not show me then he arrsetted me w/o reading me my marainda rights.

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