I was pulled over for not having proof of insurance an the officer kept my license how do i get it back?

Asked over 1 year ago - Rutland, VT

my vehicle wasnt towed an i was able to drive away with a ticket

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  1. Alan James Brinkmeier

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    Answered . You will appear in court. You will either pay the fine OR win the court case. Either way, you will get your license back.

  2. Michael J Palumbo


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    Answered . He should not have retained your license make a formal civilian complaint.

  3. Ryan Vancil Esq

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    Answered . You might want to post this elsewhere as it is labeled land/use zoning so generally the wrong attorneys will be seeing your question.

  4. Dotty Elaine Lemieux

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    Answered . I don't know the law in Vermont, but in California, you go to a hearing at the DMV to get your license back; then you will usually have to have your day in court, but if it is a simple matter of not having the proof with you, that usually will suffice if you bring it in.

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  5. Jack Richard Lebowitz


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    Answered . You'll appear in court on the date indicated. If you do have insurance, you should probably plead not guilty and ask for a "supporting deposition" if the MV ticket laws in VT are similar to NY.

    If you go to the hearing, you may be lucky and the cop may not show or the supporting deposition wasn't filed and they'll probably throw the ticket out.

    While you'll probably remember to carry proof of insurance, a more critical question is WERE YOU INSURED at the time of the stop, regardless of whether you could produce proof at the time. If you were, be sure to take the proof to the court date and the ticket will probably be thrown out. If you were not, you'll probably be facing a hefty fine and your license or registration may be suspended or revoked. Even if that doesn't happen at the hearing, the DMV obviously can check that and send you a letter charging you with a fine (sometimes charged based on the number of days you were driving without insurance, which could be a hefty fine).

    In other words, if you had insurance, no biggie. If not, you're in a heap of trouble and you should probably hire a lawyer if you want to keep your license or registration. There are plenty in Rutland that handle this kind of MV case. You can use Avvo or Google to find one.

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