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I was pulled over for crossing the center line at 10:30pm almost a month ago. I was given a sobriety test and blew a 0.15.

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the arresting officer allowed me to leave my vehicle where it was and took me to the hospital for a blood test. After the blood test the officer drove me home to my house. It has been almost a month and I have not received any information in the mail about the arrest or the blood test. In addition to that I was not read any rights, I was not asked to sign anything, and after the arrest the officer did not hand me any sort of citation or paperwork that I am use to getting for tickets due to traffic violations. Please help

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It is possible they are waiting for the blood test results. I would check with the clerk of the circuit court for the jurisdiction where the arrest would be assigned to make sure I had no case pending.

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as of a couple days ago I did not have a case pending in the system. I am just confused why I did not receive any sort of paper trail for my arrest after the fact.


It is curious to me why they would have given a blood test if they already have a breathalyzer showing a .15, unless they believed drugs were also in your system. It is also odd, at least from my experience, that they would then drive you home after you had blown a .15. Instead they usually keep a DUI suspect in jail overnight until the preliminary arraignment. That does not mean that you won't get anything in the mail, I just would have thought that you would have recieved something at the scene if they already had your BAC over the limit.

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The reason they took blood from you is te death test that was given to you was probably a PBT (portable breath test) which is not admissible in the Commonwealth. Sometimes when blood is involved it takes a bit longer to get the paperwork because the police are also waiting for the results. As far as the stop is concerned I would talk to to an attorney to see if there was anything wrong with what the police did and possibly file a suppression motion. I know you are anxious ad nervous but unfortunately the legal system is not very fast. I can tell you that this delay is not uncommon and you should get somethig in the mail soon so long as they have your correct address.

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