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I was pulled over for careless driving and I was asked to to the breath test and blood test and I refused. The officer then told

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me to get in the car and took me in to Douglas County. I asked him why he was charging me with a DUI when he did not get me behind to wheel. His response was that he was observing me. He would not let me call an attorney. He said I did not have the right because I refused testing . He then told me that I could call one after the booking process. Even by that time, 4 or 5 hours had passed and another officer told me that I had to blow first and give a breath sample before I got to call anyone. I blew a .081

Do I have any chance of winning or even getting a reduced charge and keep my license?

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You definitely need to hire an attorney. Although refusing to take a breath or blood test will cause DMV to suspend your license for a year, it was a good decision because it is going to make their ability to prove the DUI charge extremely difficult. I have seen over and over again over the past 21 years jurors who will refuse to convict for DUI unless they have an actual test. The .081 test will NOT be admissible against you in court, as it was just trying to make sure that you were sober enough to be released so that they would not be liable for your conduct. You have a much better chance of getting a reduced charge or winning the criminal case by hiring an attorney. Unless the DMV hearing officer finds a lack of probable cause for the officer to request a test, your license is likely gone for 12 months.

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What the officer told you was correct. You may have defenses that you can raise if you get a good attorney and if you have the breath sample retested. Your license will have to be suspended for a period of time and you need a good attorney to represent you on the DUI charge.

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Rhidian David Watson Orr

Rhidian David Watson Orr


You can not have the breath sample re-tested and the sample of breath he gave was on a PBT at jail for medical and release purposes.


Both the other attorneys are right. Hire a DUI defense attorney immediately. I hope you have requested a hearing with demanding that the officer be present. If the officer fails to appear at the hearing you win and your license will not be revoked. However, the DMV hearing is separate and independent during the criminal DUI proceedings.

All the best

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Christopher Daniel Leroi

Christopher Daniel Leroi


Great advice. If you did not ask for the officer to appear, have your attorney subpoena the officer to appear and if he does not appear, the DMV case will get dismissed


You have a very good chance of having the charge reduced with the assistance of an attorney who practices regularly in the field. The officer's observation of you prior to the stop is a critical part of the case and needs to be explored thoroughly. An experienced DUI attorney can help you through the process.


The only chance you have of "winning" is by hiring an experienced DUI Defense Attorney. It seems as though you have several defenses that need to be explored and it would be in your best interested to hire an attorney. Make sure you request your EC Hearing with the DMV within 7 days or you will automatically be revoked on day 8.

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