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I was pulled over for a dui recently my BAC was over .08 what can i expect now?

Phoenix, AZ |

i was pulled over for no headlight on and i blow over .08 i think it was .15 this is my first offense ever im really worried on what can happen they took my blood as well . i dont know what to expect jail time?

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What "might" happen to you in the long run depends on many factors: which court your in, the underlying facts, your attorney, the prosecutor, etc. A qualified, experienced attorney will want to look at everything to fully assess the case - and "everything" is not just what's in the police report. Seek counsel and have him/her review and assess your case. Good luck.


There are many factors in a DUI case. It starts with the stop and if the police did that correctly. Next is the field test again did the police do that correctly. Was the test breath or blood and how and when was that taken. These are just a few questions that an experienced DUI lawyer would be able to assist you. If you can afford to hire a lawyer, it is my recommendation that you do so. Mr. Orent would be a great choice for me. He is very experienced and skilled. If you cannot afford an attorney, at your first court date, if you do not have a lawyer ask for a court appointed lawyer.


Both attorney's have very good answers here. Hire an experienced DUI lawyer. They will discuss the facts of your case, explain the law, analyze the police report, and guide you through the process. As was indicated, there are several factors that get looked at by a criminal defense lawyer when handling a DUI. For instance, was there an accident? Were people injured? Chain of evidence questions. Hire one of the above lawyers. Good Luck!

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