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I was pulled over, let go and was told to set up dealer i was trying to get from (which i didn't that day) on another day, do i

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I was trying to buy drugs to be honest, but didn't conduct a transaction. An undercover was watching me apparently, and i had a feeling i was being watched so i told the dealer forget it when he came up to my car, and he went his way, and i left. After 5 minutes of leaving the area, i get pulled over and had the car searched. They didn't find anything illegal since i didn't buy anything, but told me i need to come down in a day or so and set up the guy who i was trying to buy from. They will "fake" my arrest and let me go (which sounds shady), and if i don't comply with them, i will be charged. I asked the officer what it is I will be charged with and she got nasty and blunt and said it will be in the mail and you'll have to deal with it in court. Is there any chance I can be charged still

Thank you all for your help, really. The thing they told me was a potential charge for "solicitation" if i didn't cooperate, but one officer told me "it was my lucky day" yet the woman in charge is really getting frustrated when I ask what my charges would be..she can't give me an answer and just replies with "check the mail, and deal with the courts"

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    If you bought nothing and they did not arrest the dealer, it is hard to imagine with what you can be charged. This sounds like a bluff to get you to cooperate. The fake arrest is standard procedure so if you do cooperate, this would be normal.

  2. For not committing a crime, you can't be charged. Say nothing further and get a lawyer if they contact you again.

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  3. You don't have to cooperate with the police if you don't want to. I suggest you consult with an attorney before you say or do anything. Be mindful that this site is not confidential.
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  4. That is ridiculous was they are trying to do to you. If you didn't buy anything you committed no crime and when they searched you they didn't find anything, so what would they charge you with? Possibly a traffic infraction but they shouldn't charge you with anything- I wonder if they even had probable cause to stop your vehicle in the first place but that is very fact specific. If they persist I would consult with an attorney and let the attorney warn them to stop harassing you. Was this a Rockland Taskforce case or was it a uniformed police officer?

    Ok best of luck to you...if you have any further questions feel free to contact me 845-290-2492.

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