I was pulled over ,and the cop ask where i lived or was staying. then he said i had a ordar. i was going to wal-mart .

me and my dog, and he ask to search . i said go ahead ,i also told him that i waer glasses and don't have any right now ,no money to get them with. that i can't do the test now and my ear's are messing with my balance .i knowed i could 'nt pass the test now . i told him i would do the breth test you blow in . but he said no to that .

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Kristin M. Russell

Kristin M. Russell

Criminal Defense Attorney - Covington, KY

It sounds as if you may have given the officer consent to search your vehicle and that he either suspected you of, or charged you with, DUI, but I'm not sure exactly what you are asking here. If you have been charged with DUI, you should consult with an experienced DUI attorney right away regarding the facts of your case.

Kristin M. Russell is an attorney licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Per Avvo guidelines,... more
Frank Mascagni III

Frank Mascagni III

Criminal Defense Attorney - Louisville, KY

I assume you were arrested for DUI. If that is true you need to hire a criminal defense attorney to defend you on the charge. I'm not sure what your question is. Contact an attorney.

I am trying to give you a general answer to your question. We do not have an attorney-client relationship by this... more
Michael Lawrence Doyle

Michael Lawrence Doyle

Criminal Defense Attorney - Philadelphia, PA

It sounds like you were charged with a DUI, although you are unclear about this. Contact an attorney in your area to discuss the charges.

This is not intended as individual legal advice and there is no attorney client relationship established by this... more

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