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I was on a leave of absence from work for work related stress. Now I'm ready to go back and they wont let me what can I do?

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I was out on medical leave due to work related stress and I had lost a lot of weight. I am ready to go back but they wont accommodate the doctors recommendation so they told me i can either extend my leave of absence or voluntarily quit. What should I do? There are far more details than this.

I also filed workers comp and was denied. They gave me two different reasons why I was denied. I have had stomach problems and stress to to a manger touching me without my permission. I'm also gay and my managers knew that. After I reported my manager touching me I started to get a lot of write ups and it caused me to be afraid and anxious and I lost a significant amount of weight in under 6 months. My doctor was very concerned.

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Without those details, an attorney cannot answer your question. For example, did you file a worker's compensation claim for the job related stress? If so, you have some rights. Do you work for a company that employs at least 50 people? If so, you may have been eligible for FMLA leave, if you were out less than 12 weeks. Have you been diagnosed with a disability which the employer may be required to accommodate? If so, you may have rights under federal or state disability laws.

There is a wealth of information on this website from prior questions asked. Do your research and, if you believe your rights have been violated, consult with an employment law attorney in your area.

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