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I was offered a plea bargain deal for a moving violation,

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I was offered a plea bargain deal for a moving violation to a parking ticket and no points. The parking ticket fee they are stating is going to cost me $355 but when I looked up the parking ticket fine on their website (Suffolk County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency) it said the fine for VTL 1201-(a) would be $100 with a surcharge of $25. How come they are asking me for $355? Thank you.

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  1. It may be they are offering you a plea to parking on pavement second offense within 18 months and meat to say the fine would be $300..00 and the surcharge would be $25.00 for a total of $325.00 or they are offering you a plea to parking on pavement third offense in 18 months and setting the fine at $330.00 which $70.00 less than the maximum fine of $400.00 together with the mandatory surcharge of $25.00 . I suggest you ask before you agree to the plea bargain which should be in writing or recited on the record in detail. You may want to retain an attorney who can make sure you receive the deal you are promised.

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  2. It might be that they are charging you with a second or third offense which carry the higher fines.

  3. You are getting an opportunity to avoid points on your license and the inevitable insurance increase that comes with a moving violation conviction. Many in your situation would be ecstatic to pay a couple of hundred dollars extra to avoid these things. It is a good deal for you.

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  4. You are probably being cut a break, and being charged a bit more for it. My recommendation is that you consult local counsel -- get yourself a traffic ticket attorney to advise you on whether to take the deal of fight it further. Your lawyer may also make sure you get what you are offered and not what you think you are being offered. Once you have "pled", all bets are off.

    Traffic moving violations can cost you thousands of dollars in insurance rate increases in the future. Don't chance it. Hire a traffic ticket lawyer before going to court.

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