I was not paid state min wage so I quit and asked for all unpaid wadges to be paid now Im accused of stealing, what do I do?

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I was there for 16 months taking care of an elderly man never paid state min wadge. I would do his shopping and errands and banking since his family did not see him for months at a time. I quite last month due to his oldest daughter taking over half of my pay for herself (that happened for months) and never paying me back for things I would cover the cost on. I told her I needed paid for all unpaid hours and expenses. She is now accusing me of stealing a lot of money from her father and says she cant find recites that I gave to her for accounting and payment back to me. Do I file my unpaid wage complaint before she officaly accuses me of stealing to the athorities? Or do I just let her do whatever and sit back and wait to see if she really is crazy. Pluse I have no reciptes she took them.

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    Answered . I am pretty sure I answered this question last week. You can press you unpaid wage claim any time you want as long as you do not wait past the statute of limitations. You need to decide if you want to file it now or in a little while to let them cool down. However, it seems likely a claim to the DLSE for unpaid wages will re-upset them and you will face the claim later. It is up to you.

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