I was never notified my home which was purchased with an ex-spouse was foreclosed. A legal way to remove from credit?

Asked over 1 year ago - Wellsville, NY

We divorced in 2006 and our divorce agreement said he had to refinance within three months to remove my name. I went to get a car loan in 2009 and had a foreclosure on my credit report! I was mortified. Is there any recourse I can take to remove this from my credit report? The home was in Georgia and I now reside in New York.

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  1. Jeffrey Bruce Gold


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    Answered . Nope you owned it. You didn't followup to confirm that a refinance took place. No credit agency will remove that mark for the reasons stated. It may well be that the foreclosure was invalid since you didn't receive notice, but it appears that cow has already left the barn. Your recourse would be against your ex-spouse who failed to refinance and failed to give you the opportunity to prevent he foreclosure.

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  2. Joseph S Hubicki


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    Answered . You can file a contempt motion against your husband, but that will not let you off the hook with the bank.

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