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I was married to a limp dick retard for 2 months and now we are getting it annulled. Do I have to show up for this hearing?

New Market, TN |

I did a lot of remodeling prior to marriage and afterwards with promise of getting paid since that is my profession. I was kicked out via lie thru domestic violence report he filed. I was stolen from and money stolen as well and is this something that I can bring up in the annulment hearing or is it small claims court issue. He stole money I was receiving from previous jobs I had earned and put into his account for me to receive at later date when I need the funds and he also stole tools and equipment from me while I was not allowed back in HIS house, which he owned prior to marriage. I need some good advice as to how to handle this liar and thief so I can recoop my loses.

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  1. an annulment can be a tricky matter in tn.

    you should always hire an aggressive and experienced attorney.

    should i be of further assistance to you, please contact me at your leisure.

    david boyd

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