I was just wondering if i could leave home with out parent concent at 17

me an my dads family have never got along from day one i don't feel a home with him. i have never called that my home i have plenty of people in narcotics anonymous that has already told me i can move in with them an they would help me get on my feet. but i don't want to leave at 17 an get a runaway charge.

Douglasville, GA -

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Glen Edward Ashman

Glen Edward Ashman

Adoption Lawyer - East Point, GA

Absent emancipation, you can't move without parental consent until you are 18. Your friends could land in jail if you move in with them now.

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Alan James Brinkmeier

Alan James Brinkmeier

Lawsuit / Dispute Attorney - Chicago, IL

When a minor turn 18 years of age, the minor is automatically considered emancipated.
Until then you must have parent consent to move

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