I was just issued a citation for failure to obey a stop sign. How much will the ticket be? I live in Paulding county GA

Asked over 4 years ago - Dallas, GA

I looked but did not completely stop as I was in a hurry, not making excuses I know I was guilty of that but... he remarked that "I ran the stop sign almost causing me to hit her". First of all when I looked both ways I did see a car coming but it was probably 200 yards away so I rolled through and proceded to turn left out of my neighborhood. As I passed over the lane he was driving on it was clear he was speeding. The speed limit is 45 and he was going at least 55 it was almost as if he sped up just to say that I almost caused him to hit me. Pulled me over(3 cop cars) I turned my cars engine off after about 5 minutes of I turned off my headlights and dome lights as my battery SUCKS. Then I had to ask him to jump me which he clearly did not want to. pulled out he hit his lights & sped off

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I was going to CVS about 600 yds from my neighborhood and after I pulled back out all 3 cop cars were still where he pulled me over and as I pass that point he whips his car back out speeds up with is lights on. I am thinking he is going to pull me over for something else even though I could still see them sitting there from the CVS parking lot so I made sure to stop for 10 seconds at the stop sign and yield properly..but no this and excuse my language PRICK hits his lights so I go onto the shoulder and slow down to almost a complete stop when he turns off his lights then turns them, back on hits the siren and speeds off. What the f***? I guess he is just one of the many police officers on a power trip. now i have to tell my husband that my trip to get cigarettes cost him alot more than $3.73. About how much will my ticket be or if I decide to go to court and fight him on the whole I almost caused him to hit me thing will it do me any good seeing as it is my word against his?

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  1. Kimberly Keheley Frye


    Contributor Level 12

    Answered . You can always go to court and ask for a reduction of the offense. What that may get you is a reduced charge but the same fine. No, I don't recommend that you try to fight the officer on his remarks on the ticket. The Court is only going to care about the stop sign. You can call the recorder's court in Paulding and ask them what the usual fine for a stop sign ticket will be. Sometimes you can pay early to save yourself some time in Court. The stop sign ticket is a 3 point violation on your record, so it helps if you can get the charge reduced even if you pay the same fine.

    I know you are aggravated about the police officer's behavior, but this is not really a great fight for you to win. Good Luck.

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