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I was just fired because I threatened to call the EPA because the place I work DUMPS hundreds of gallons RAW SEWAGE into bayou.

Saint Petersburg, FL |

I have a video of act. It just disgusts me! I fish in there along with many other fisherman. The poor dolphins, fish and crabs...etc!
The property is on the bayou. They were using a pump to pump raw sewage from the sewer lift station to the bayou. It was disturbing. I told the GM. She then fired me. I had worked there for over 3 years in management with clean record

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  1. A whistleblower law MAY apply to protect you. Whistleblower laws are designed to protect you from retaliatory action in the event you object to, refuse to participate in, report, or threaten to report illegal employer practices or activities. The "report or threaten to report" options, under Florida law, need to have been preceded by bringing the issue to your employer in writing with an opportunity to correct, but the "object or refuse to participate" options may not. An attorney can assist you in evaluating the applicability of whistleblower laws to your situation.

    If the whistleblower applies to your particular situation, you could sue to get your job back (which, generally, is ill-advised since we are an at will employment state and you can technically be fired the next day for virtually any reason or perhaps no reason at all) and/or for damages such as lost wages and benefits. Florida law permits the prevailing party in such a lawsuit to recover their legal fees and costs.

    The information provided in this and other answers on Avvo are general in nature and limited to the facts as stated. The information provided in this and other answers on Avvo should not be construed as legal advice on which the reader relies without further consultation with an attorney. No attorney-client relationship is created on Avvo question & answer forums. This attorney is licensed and admitted to practice law in the State of Florida only.

  2. You may also have what is called a qui tam claim that allows you to collect a portion of damages on behalf of the government for the environmental damage if it has not been reported.

    This response is intended as only general legal information and not specific legal advice for your case. You should consult with an attorney for legal advice. You may contact our statewide offices for a consultation, toll free at 1-866-318-4878. Main office Gainesville.

  3. You probably have a fairly good whistleblower act case. You should contact an employment lawyer ASAP and discuss the specifics and show the video. Many attorneys like myself give free consultations.

    B. Elaine Jones, Esq.

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