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I was just awarded temporary child support order. Order states ALL payments must be made through State Disbursement Unit, bad???

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I heard that it is a bad thing to involve Child Support Services in child support court orders, because the Judge looses jurisdiction over the child support case. Is this true? When I looked at the State Disbursement Unit, I found that it is through child support services. Now, I am scared that this agency will take over. Is it really bad to go through the SDU and why? Also, there was a spousal support order, can this be paid through the State Disbursement Unit too?

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  1. No, it's not a bad thing. The up side is that they will enforce the order for you and go after the payor spouse/parent if he/she gets behind in support payments, without you having to bear the cost of pursuing it in court. And, it's the law. Yes, you can add spousal support. Be sure to contact child support services to open up a case for you: Their web-site is

    How do I open a child support case?
    There are several ways to apply:
    1. You can apply online using the State Online Application (SOLA)
    2. You can download an application
    3. You can have an application mailed to you by calling 1-866-901-3212.
    o Applications are also available at the LCSA in your county of residence
    Completed applications with an original signature can be mailed to, or dropped off at your LCSA to be processed. For more information read PUB 246: Opening a Child Support Case.

  2. Frankly, DCSS is quite effective in collecting support if the other party has a job with a pay check. For example, DCSS is able to suspend his license, collect from the federal tax returns through a tax intercept program and they can report him to the credit reporting agencies. Oh, and they can collect for spousal support, child support and support arrearages by wage assignment. So, it isn't a lost cause going throught the government for collections.

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