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I was issued a bench warrant in SD county for not being able to complete my community service on time.

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I've contacted my defense attorney and waiting for a call back. Due to my wife being 8 months pregnant at the time and high risk for misscariage as well as her being disabled I was not able to complete it on time. I contacted the court every few weeks to give them updates. It was supposed to be complete in July and they issued the warrant in Aug and even though I called in aug they never mentioned a warrant. I went into court today to re enroll in work project because my wife can finally care for our son without assistance. they informed me I had a warrant and would not let me re enroll. They said either go home and call my def attorney immediately or they wouod arrest me on site. I love how they blatantly ignored everything about my wifes health issues. Can I get this squashed?

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Your attorney should be able to go in there and take care of it. If that wasn't part of your retainer, you can hire another one to go in for you for that limited purpose.


Have your attorney deal with this- or get another attorney. Do not let this sit!



Absolutely you can. Get your prior attorney to help you or hire another one to represent you in lifting the warrant and quashing it and getting you a re-enrollment order.


Hire an attorney to have the warrant recalled and request new dates to enroll and complete what needs to be done. Each court house in San Diego ( North County, Central, El Cajon, Chula Vista) has different procedures to add cases on to calendar to to request the judge to recall the bench warrant and reinstate your programs. Some courts add a little extra penalty for you not doing what you were supposed to do timely. You, however, have a great explanation (your wife's health). Please give me a call if your previous attorney does not return your call.


Yes. Your prior attorney should be able to accomplish that. If he won't hire a new one. Good luck.


Your biggest issue is that it's now November, but your attorney and/or the next locally experienced criminal defense attorney you hire should (key word) be able to , at the very least, get the warrant recalled for you.


Your attorney should be able to help. If he/she does not return your call, contact an AVVO attorney for help.

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