I was involved in a car accident a couple months ago and recently received in the mail a notice from the DMV...

Asked almost 2 years ago - Marina Del Rey, CA

I was involved in a car accident a couple months ago and recently received in the mail a notice from the DMV indicating that my residence address has been requested and released to pursuant to vehicle code section 1808.22 to the personal injury firm the other driver I believe is using. I was insured at the time. What does such notice usually mean is going on, and what steps should I take?

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    Answered . It sounds like you will be sued and served with a Summons and a Complaint.
    Don't worry. You just hand it over immediately to your insurer and they will defend you.
    I can hazard a guess that your insurer will not be totally surprised because they probably denied liability already. The adverse driver has no other alternative if he thinks you were at fault.
    Good luck to you!

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    Answered . They are likely getting your information for service of a complaint. Turn the lawsuit over to your auto insurance carrier.

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    Answered . An attorney has requested your residence address from the DMV in preparation of service of process on you. Simply accept the service of process from the party serving you with the Complaint and then forward it to your insurance carrier for handling. Your insurance carrier is obligated to defend you. Ask them to keep you fully advised as to what occurs. Good luck.

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    Answered . Your insurance company will defend, so report the accident to them, and send them all the documents that you get.

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    Answered . That's usually the first step in a lawsuit. Once served with the lawsuit, make sure you tender it to your insurance carrier. They will proceed accordingly I your behalf...

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    Answered . I tend to agree with the responding counsel. You should contact your insurance carrier and let them protect you in your case. If you were injured in the matter, then you should contact a personal injury attorney as well to help you receive the compensation you need. Best of luck.

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    Answered . If a car accident claim is not resolved and this request is formally made, it is an indication that a lawsuit has been filed. Service of the lawsuit and summons usually follows. Upon receipt, turn the matter along with the litigation paperwork over to your insurer to defend you. Contact a local attorney if there is an issue of any excess claim or any coverage issue resulting from the car accident.

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    Answered . They are likely trying to determine whether you are insured or not. It shouldn't be a major problem for you. However, you should notify your insurance company about this DMV activity.

    Good luck!



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    Answered . This is standard investigation when an attorney has been retained in a car accident case to determine who owns the vehicle involved, confirm your address of record and possibly a review of your driving record.

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    Answered . Ever since actress Rebecca Schaeffer was killed at her doorstep by a lunatic, the DMV changed its procedures for providing the address of licensed motorists. Before, all you needed was to make the request. Since then the information will only be provided to certain persons and then, only for specific reasons like trying to locate someone to serve a lawsuit, etc. which this seems to be the case. Usually a sworn declaration must be provided setting forth the reason why the information is sought. When the information is released, they DMV must notify you that your information was released, to whom and for what purpose. If you have been recently involved in an automobile accident, this is likely the first step the other attorney is taking to serve you with a lawsuit. Sometimes, it means the the other attorney sought just your driver's license record and/or any vehicle records.

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